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Champa Guha - Science

Champa Guha -  Science

Champa Guha​

6+ Years of Teaching Experience


Working Experience:

  • Touheed Academy: Physics Teacher ( A/O Level )
  • Apple Tree International School: Computer Science Teacher (Senior Campus)
  • ACADEMIA School: Computer Science(EDEXCEL) and Physics Teacher(CAMBRIDGE) for  Senior Section
  • AMS Academy: Cambridge Science and Physics Teacher


Education Qualification:

  • B.Sc (Engineering) B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering,
  • International Islamic University of Chittagong.


Training Summary:

  • Certificate: Online Assessment Tools for Teachers from S.P.E.E.D
  • Certificate: How to Provide effective and Constructive feedback from S.P.E.E.D
  • NOCN Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

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