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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

1. Payment Information:

a. Payment Process:

  • All orders must be paid in full before they are processed for shipment.

2. Shipping Information:

a. Processing Time:

  • Orders are typically processed within 1-2 business days upon successful payment.
  • Custom or personalized items may require additional processing time.

b. Shipping Methods:

  • We offer standard and expedited shipping options.
  • Shipping rates and delivery times vary based on the selected method.

c. Shipping Locations:

  • Please contact us for inquiries regarding shipping to other locations.

3. Shipping Costs:

a. Standard Shipping:

  • Standard shipping rates are calculated at checkout.
  • Free shipping may be offered for orders exceeding a certain amount.

b. Expedited Shipping:

  • Expedited shipping rates are calculated at checkout.
  • Costs vary based on the selected shipping method.

4. Tracking and Notifications:

a. Order Confirmation:

  • An order confirmation email is sent upon successful payment and placement of an order.

b. Shipment Notification:

  • Customers receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information once the order has been dispatched.

c. Tracking Information:

  • Customers can track their order using the provided tracking number on our website or through the designated courier's website.

5. Delivery Timeframes:

a. Standard Shipping:

  • Estimated delivery times for standard shipping range from [X] to [Y] business days.

b. Expedited Shipping:

  • Expedited shipping offers faster delivery, with estimated times ranging from [A] to [B] business days.

6. Delivery Issues:

a. Lost or Delayed Shipments:

  • In the rare event of a lost or significantly delayed shipment, please contact our customer service for assistance.

b. Incorrect Address:

  • It is the customer's responsibility to provide accurate shipping information. Any additional shipping charges incurred due to an incorrect address will be the customer's responsibility.

7. International Shipping:

a. Customs and Duties:

  • International customers are responsible for any customs duties or taxes imposed by their respective countries.

b. Delivery Timeframe:

  • International delivery times may vary based on customs processing, and we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates for international orders.

8. Returns Due to Non-Delivery:

a. Undeliverable Packages:

  • If a package is returned to us as undeliverable, the customer will be contacted for an updated address, and additional shipping charges may apply.

b. Refund for Non-Delivery:

  • If a package is undeliverable and the customer cannot be reached or provide an updated address, a refund for the purchase price, excluding shipping costs, may be issued.

9. Contact Information:

  • For any questions or concerns regarding our delivery policy, please contact our customer service team at 01784492297, 01675698197, 01795210300

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