AMS Academy | Why AMS Academy Exists?

Why AMS Academy Exists?

AMS Academy is the first Online English Medium School in Bangladesh. Founded in January 2020, by the husband and wife team of Ekramul Hossain Khan and Ashara Mubashshara. Their dream was to create a platform that will make international quality education accessible and affordable for everyone around the country.


Now you might be thinking, online school? But COVID doesn't exist anymore. Well, the journey might have started 4 years ago right before the pandemic hit, but the dream to create an affordable learning platform existed for years.

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Ashara, being a professional teacher for 16 years, realized that traditional English medium schools are more focused on business and money making, instead of thinking about affordability and accessibility. Ekramul on the other hand, being a marketing specialist and trainer for almost 10 years, found that even highly qualified individuals lacked basic skills such as speaking fluent English and critical thinking in the job market.


Spoken English courses and other such facilities do exist in the market, but they realized that the root of the problem lies much deeper, and there are quite a lot of them. 


  1. Why is it that even after many such high fees, students still need to look for private tutors and coaching centers?
  2. Why is it that good English medium schools are mostly in Dhaka city, how do people living outside the capital get access to the same education quality? 
  3. Is English Medium education only for the elites, What about the middle class? 
  4. How qualified are the teachers teaching in most schools? Do they have experience and certification? Or are they mostly fresh graduates who are more affordable and easier to recruit?
  5. How respectable is the teaching profession in Bangladesh? Is it something most people dream of becoming? Or do they end up choosing it as a last resort option?
  6. When you think about all of these critical issues, AMS Academy is here creating the solutions.

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So what makes AMS Academy completely unique:


- Complete online schooling from PG to A level following the Cambridge curriculum.

- Only 15 students per class (Because even though it is online and there are no seat limitations, the goal is to take proper care of each student)

- Highly experienced teachers. The teacher selection criteria is very strict. They have to be from English medium background, have experience working with English medium schools and be passionate about teaching, along with strong technological skills.

- Afternoon classes, leaving students with the option to engage in other activities during the daytime.

- Use of digital assets to make learning fun and engaging for the students. Although our classes are live, each class is also recorded so that students can access them whenever needed.

- Much more affordable compared to traditional English medium schools. More accessible online, especially for those living outside of the capital.

- No need for outside coaching or tutors. Its AMS Academy's responsibility to make sure that each student's study is completed by the school.

- Physical facility for students to give mock exams and practical lab classes.

- A global classroom, because not only are there students from all over the country, but also from 15 different countries as of 2024


Online schooling has been popular in developed countries for years, but in Bangladesh it is yet to take off on a large scale. Considering the political and weather issues, cost and managing daily school accommodation, not finding suitable schools nearby or even for kids with physical challenges, there are a lot of things where traditional schools cannot cooperate. 


AMS Academy believes that online schooling is not just an option, but also a solution. 


ams academy | first online english medium school

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