First Online English Medium School in Bangladesh Follows Cambridge Curriculum In Dhaka

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AMS Academy is the country's first online English medium school catering to the Cambridge and Edexcel curriculum for O level and A level in Bangladesh.    Short for Arts, Maths and Science, AMS Academy was founded in 2018 by highly experienced professional teachers, with an aim to make international standard education accessible and affordable from anywhere.    With a panel of top certified teachers from the most reputed English medium schools in Bangladesh, as well as some brilliant minds to run the operation, the institution is now a complete alternative to traditional schools. Especially for parents/students who are looking for a safe, professional, and quality online English medium school.    Besides the English medium curriculum, AMS Academy also offers a wide variety of general and STEM courses for students of all ages and mediums. As well as provide guidance and counseling to parents and students, and help them find personalize ...


Cofounder and Marketing Head

Md Ekramul Hossain Khan  About Co-Founder & CMO:   Ekramul Hossain Khan is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of AMS Academy. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and branding, Ekram specializes in startup businesses, particularly those that are driven by a cause. He has worked in key management positions with some of the best startups in the country, along with more than 1000+ businesses locally and internationally.    He found ...

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Founder and CEO

Ashara Mubashshara is the founder and CEO of AMS Academy The first online English medium school in Bangladesh. She has worked as a professional teacher for 16 years with many reputed schools and has a passion for changing the education system. Her vision is to make education fun, interactive, and adaptive, as well as to create a platform for teachers. AMS Academy was formed on her vision, with the aim to create a better education solution through online schooling. To make international ...

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