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Quazi Shahriar - Mathematics

Quazi Shahriar - Mathematics

Quazi Shahriar​

5+ years of Teaching Experience

Work Experience:

  • Currently Working as a Nova Scotia Curriculum Physics Teacher in Canadian International School Bangladesh.
  • IB DP Chemistry Teaching Experience.
  • CIE IGCSE Teaching Experience Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • IB DP CAS Co-ordinator Experience.
  • Working as A-level and O-level Teacher's Assistant under D.K Baidya in Uniworld Education.

Educational Qualification:

  • MSC. Eng. CSE: BRAC University
  • BSC. Eng. EEE: Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology.
  • A-level: Uniworld Education
  • O-level: Willes Little Flower School and College. 

Research Experience:

  • Thesis Work: Study of Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier System for 5G Communications.


  • Secured 1st place in the Innovative Idea category in Techfest for giving cutting solutions to save Human lives while traveling by airplanes.
  • Participated in Engenius'17 in several categories like innovative presentation and line the following Robot.
  • Participated in Engenius'18 in several categories like Hardware segment and software segment.
  • Completed Foundation Course in Photography from Pathshala.

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